reliability evaluation of computer programs

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يزي كاظم مهدي الطالقاني
3/17/2012 6:50:00 PM

In life data analysis and accelerated life testing data analysis, the objective is to obtain a life distribution that describes the times-to-failure of a component, subassembly, assembly or system. This analysis is based on the time of successful operation or time-to-failure data of the item (component), either under use conditions or from accelerated life tests. In System Reliability one constructs a "System" model from these component models. In other words in system reliability analysis we are concerned with the construction of a model (life distribution) that represents the times-to-failure of the entire system based on the life distributions of the components, .A system is a collection of components, subsystems and/or assemblies arranged to a specific design in order to achieve desired functions with acceptable performance and reliability. The types of components, their quantities, their qualities and the manner in which they are arranged within the system have a direct effect on the system s reliability.).

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